Why students must engage in guest lectures more


Why students must engage in guest lectures more

“Something different than usual catches our attention and sparks our curiosity!”

Would you afford to ignore, when someone helps you in critical and innovative thinking, make you involved and engaged with subjects of interest, that, too, in your own comfort zone and most importantly stimulate you to dream, shape and reach your goal; and this whole magical turn-out in this technological age is brought about by some of those best minds? Yes you have guessed it right-The Guest Lecturers.

These are some of the people who deliver their areas of expertise and years of experience in the most concise form towards the aspiring students. The students under these styles of teaching have the opportunity to learn different dimensions from unfamiliar faces and new teaching aids. Though, sometime this adventure may spark a question of being successful or not, but as much as a student is there to learn from the teacher, the teacher also has the responsibility of carrying positive feedback at the end of the session. Hence, it’s mostly a win-win situation.

Exposure of the real world experience helps student to connect with what they have theoretically assimilated to the practical world. When experienced Engineers, Scientist and or any other professionals talk about their experiences as a guest lecture with several tools, gadgets and examples, the student gets virtually transported to the actual experience thereby taking learning to a new level. These lectures stand as a blessing when they are addressed by industry personalities thus making the student-teacher interaction fresh and engaging – opening doors for better career opportunities.