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Hey SWeng-ies!

For you “change is the only constant” is so frequent that, every sunrise comes with new opportunities for you. We make sure that you will be introduced to the world of new technologies, various departments, different applications from respective experts, not just that but also the behavioural science. Every week you get to learn one thing at a time, while interacting with the experts. We see to it that not just your studies but even your first step into corporate world be simplified and fun filled.

Week’s topic of the discussion will be posted here well in advance, where you can post your queries in the comments.

We always strive to bring in those topics which are relevant to current and future of the market, which will certainly give you an edge and make you feel at par with the corporate culture.

You get to learn basic knowledge about ERP, IoT, Predix, Mobile app development, Robotics, Embedded Technologies, Automation, Project Management, Operations, Time Management, Interview Skills, Team Building, etc. Through our platform we help you to meet the experts from various industries like Software, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, etc. And from various functional departments likes R&D, Operations, Marketing and Sales, Supply Chain Management, etc.

Please remember, top 5 queries will be discussed in detail, hence we request you to read all the comments first before posting your new comment and uptick those comments which are similar to yours. This will help to bring to the notice of most popular queries to the experts.

Our Lectures are further categorised into ⇓

Popular Technologies

Application Oriented

Techno- Commercial

Soft - Skills for students

Finance for Non-Finance

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