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FlexiTutr is a dream of two small town backbencher friends. Studying in Latur in 1993, a small town in Maharashtra, Vijay and Nitin shared a bonding with their interests in Table-Tennis, Maths and comics.

Meeting almost after 23 years in November 2016, both of them were struggling with the mid-career crises and decided to follow their passion. The passion for doing something for the small towns, something for the society, something for the roots they belong to. This paved the way for the platform, FlexiTutr. It’s a dream to bring the global teaching expertise to the small towns. Instead of focusing on the school children, these two decided to focus on the professional higher education.

The idea of FlexiTutr is to supplement the current higher education system, to fill the loopholes in terms of faculty requirements and increase the industry-institute interaction so as to make the students industry ready when they actually graduate. The idea is to get the global learning experience sitting right at home.

With the Digital India and Startup India doing the rounds across the country, this platform is definitely a stepping stone in the higher education in India.

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interface friendly learning at Flexitutr

  • Convenience of delivering lectures and Convenience of taking lectures from anywhere at convenient time
  • For faculty, convenience of delivering lecture from their convenient place through mobile, tablet or computer
  • For students, convenience of clarifying various concepts with personalised coaching from their convenient place through mobile, tablet or computer
  • It is “you”-centric: Avoid bombardment of everything, Customised learning by you for you
  • No need to be dependent on the local experts, but connect to global experts to learn the concept